Design Services

  • 1. AutoCAD 2009

    With powerful new tools for design and manufacturing documentation, AutoCAD 2009 delivers the power to quickly document and detail your designs.

    Highlights include:

    Powerful drafting tools designed to make your workday easier, helping speed revision time and reduce errors
    Native DWG™ support, helping you easily share designs with users of Autodesk® Inventor® software, partners, and suppliers
    A robust materials library—along with extensive PDF capabilities—help you communicate designs with impact, bringing greater clarity
    to communications with clients, colleagues, suppliers, and partners
  • 2. DELCAM

    Delcam. is the worlds leading specialist NC CAM software for modeling and manufacturing of the complex shapes typically found in the tool making and automotive industries POWER SHAPE is a powerful hybrid solid surface and wire frame modeler for the design of products with complex shapes. Power shape contains connecting components together into assemblies creates photo-realistic images, generates engineering drawings and design injection mould tools.

    POWER MILL is a stand alone machining package, which can quickly create gouge free cutter paths on imported component data. POWER MILL support wire frame, surface and solid models created by other Delcam products or from neutral formats such as IGES or majority of non – DELCAM packages.

    It offers solutions for specific customer oriented applications and process driver capability for manufacturing.

    It lays emphasizes on the need for reduction in cycle time and is easy to use, and productivity focused.

    POWERMILL is a versatile software package which is the beginning of the new generation of software tools.

  • 3. CIMETRON – E

    CIMETRON-E is comprehensive integrated solution for best of breed applications including

    Customized, Automated Electrode pickup.

    Knowledge based automatic stock management. Cam programming gives high surface finish. Covering the full tool making process in a single package, giving flexibility and reducing cycle time.


    Easy to use CAD/CAM package for turning wheels dies, punches and profile continues with exceptional finish and accuracy. Features include programming conversationally, checking tool path through graphical simulations and generates the cycle time for the operations to be performed.

  • 5. CAMTEK – PEPS

    Production Engineering productivity system wire EDM is a highly functional CAM/CAM system written specifically for the off line programming of all wire spare EDM machine tools to produce reliable programs, uses expert cutting technologies that decides the best cutting conditions based on the precision and surface finish requirements.

    Additional Features include Projection of 3D shapes onto cutting planes variable taper, Multiple tagging options with auto tag removal, photo realistic solid simulation with part sectioning.

    The mission-critical tasks of splitting the model, applying engineering changes, and extracting electrodes and inserts are all handled by “Quick Tooling” wizard-based applications.